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With the rapid development of electronic technology, mechanical scales are gradually away from social life. Those levers, racks, knives and knife holders are like fine wines that have been aged for many years. The fine products come long and long. The thick and intuitive mechanical parts and the concise and clear electronic devices give people two completely different feelings, but they are two technologies that are in the same line and inherit the same kind of inheritance.

A mechanical kitchen scale is a tool used to measure the weight of food ingredients used in cooking. Kitchen scales are generally made of plastic and stainless steel or iron.

Zero power consumption design, the most important thing is to determine the weight by spring expansion and accurate weighing.

Kitchen scales with different ranges have relatively different accuracy, such as 5kg*40g, 3kg*25g, 2kg*10g, 1kg*5g.

Simple to use, weight realistic layout is clearly visible.

The weighing pan is removable for cleaning.

Mechanical kitchen scales are suitable for occasions: bakeries, vegetable markets, supermarkets, etc. Can also be used for home decoration.

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Yongkang Nengzhi Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is China Mechanical Kitchen Scales Manufacturers and OEM dial spring scales factory, located in Shiya Industrial Zone, Yongkang City, the famous hometown of hardware - "China Science and Technology Hardware City". It is one of the earliest manufacturers of weighing instruments in China. For more than 20 years, we have been focusing on the production of weighing products. We manufacture kitchen scales, electronic scales, crane scales, spring scales, bathroom scales and more. If needed, we can also do OEM products.

Over the past 20 years, we have become a leading manufacturer of digital and mechanical scales. We attach great importance to quality control and customer service, all our products have passed CE&ROHS and other professional certifications, and our factory has passed BSCI and ISO9001 certification. We sincerely welcome your cooperation.

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Industry Knowledge Extension

What is Mechanical Kitchen Scale

A mechanical kitchen scale is a type of kitchen scale that uses a spring mechanism to weigh food or ingredients. It typically consists of a platform or tray on which the food is placed, and a dial or display that indicates the weight of the food. The scale works by placing the food on the platform, which compresses the spring and causes a pointer to move along a scale indicating the weight. Mechanical kitchen scales are typically less expensive than digital kitchen scales, but they may not be as precise and can be harder to read. However, they are often more durable and do not require batteries or electricity to operate.

What is Dial Spring Scale

A dial spring scale is a type of mechanical scale that uses a spring to measure weight. It consists of a platform on which the object to be weighed is placed, and a spring mechanism that is compressed by the weight of the object. The compression of the spring causes a dial to move, indicating the weight of the object on a calibrated scale.
Dial spring scales are commonly used in industries such as agriculture, fishing, and manufacturing to weigh heavy objects such as livestock, fish, and machinery parts. They can measure weights ranging from a few ounces to several hundred pounds, depending on their capacity.
One advantage of dial spring scales is that they do not require batteries or electricity to operate, making them a reliable option in areas without access to power. They are also relatively easy to use and require minimal maintenance. However, they may not be as accurate as digital scales and may need to be recalibrated periodically to ensure accurate readings.

Features of Mechanical Kitchen Scale

Mechanical kitchen scales have a number of features that make them useful in the kitchen. Some of the most common features include:
1. Spring mechanism: Mechanical kitchen scales use a spring mechanism to measure the weight of ingredients.
2. Platform or tray: A platform or tray is used to hold the ingredients to be weighed.
3. Weight capacity: Mechanical kitchen scales can typically weigh up to several pounds or kilograms depending on their design.
4. Tare function: Some mechanical kitchen scales have a tare function that allows the user to reset the scale to zero after placing a container on the platform. This is useful when weighing ingredients that need to be added to a container or bowl.
5. Calibration adjustment: Some mechanical kitchen scales have an adjustment screw that allows for calibration of the scale.
6. Analog display: Mechanical kitchen scales typically have an analog display that shows the weight of the ingredients in pounds or kilograms.
7. Durability: Mechanical kitchen scales are often more durable than their digital counterparts and can withstand rough use in the kitchen.
8. Portability: Mechanical kitchen scales are often smaller and more portable than digital scales, making them easy to store and transport.
9. No battery or electricity required: Mechanical kitchen scales do not require batteries or electricity to operate, which can save money and make them more reliable in areas with unreliable power sources.

Advantages of Dial Spring Scale

There are several advantages to using a dial spring scale, including:
1. Durability: Dial spring scales are typically very durable and can withstand rough handling, making them ideal for use in industrial or outdoor settings.
2. Reliability: Dial spring scales do not require electricity or batteries to operate, making them a reliable option in areas with limited or unreliable power sources.
3. Easy to read: The dial on a spring scale is typically easy to read, even in low light conditions.
4. Wide weight range: Dial spring scales can be designed to weigh a wide range of weights, from a few ounces to several hundred pounds, making them versatile for various applications.
5. Cost-effective: Dial spring scales are often less expensive than digital scales, making them a cost-effective option for businesses or individuals on a budget.
6. Calibration: Dial spring scales can be calibrated or adjusted to ensure accurate measurements over time.
7. Accuracy: Dial spring scales can be very accurate, especially when properly calibrated and used correctly.
Overall, dial spring scales offer a simple and reliable way to weigh objects, making them a popular choice in a variety of industries and applications.