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Yongkang Nengzhi Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is China Portable Crane Scales Manufacturers and OEM electronic scales factory, located in Shiya Industrial Zone, Yongkang City, the famous hometown of hardware - "China Science and Technology Hardware City". It is one of the earliest manufacturers of weighing instruments in China. For more than 20 years, we have been focusing on the production of weighing products. We manufacture kitchen scales, electronic scales, crane scales, spring scales, bathroom scales and more. If needed, we can also do OEM products.

Over the past 20 years, we have become a leading manufacturer of digital and mechanical scales. We attach great importance to quality control and customer service, all our products have passed CE&ROHS and other professional certifications, and our factory has passed BSCI and ISO9001 certification. We sincerely welcome your cooperation.

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What is Portable Crane Scale

A portable crane scale is a device used to measure the weight of objects suspended from a crane or hoist. It is a type of industrial scale that is designed to be compact, lightweight, and easy to transport, allowing it to be used in various locations.
Portable crane scales typically consist of a digital display unit and a load cell, which is attached to the crane or hoist. The load cell measures the weight of the object as it is lifted, and sends the data to the display unit, which provides a digital readout of the weight.
Portable crane scales are commonly used in manufacturing, shipping, and construction industries, where the accurate measurement of heavy objects is critical. They can also be used in other applications where objects need to be weighed in difficult-to-access locations.

What is electronic scales

Electronic scales are weighing devices that use electronic components to measure the weight of an object. They are designed to provide precise and accurate measurements, and are commonly used in a wide range of applications, including industrial, commercial, and personal use.
Electronic scales typically consist of a platform or tray on which the object is placed, and a load cell that measures the weight of the object. The load cell converts the weight of the object into an electrical signal, which is then processed by an electronic circuit and displayed as a digital readout.
Electronic scales can vary in size and capacity, ranging from small pocket scales used for weighing jewelry or medication, to large industrial scales used for weighing heavy machinery or equipment. They can also be specialized for specific applications, such as laboratory scales used for precise measurements of chemicals or food scales used for portion control in the food industry.
Overall, electronic scales offer many benefits over traditional mechanical scales, including greater accuracy, ease of use, and reliability.

Advantages of Portable Crane Scale

There are several advantages of using a portable crane scale, including:
1. Portability: As the name suggests, portable crane scales are designed to be lightweight and easy to transport. This makes them ideal for use in different locations or to weigh objects that are difficult to move.
2. Accurate and reliable: Portable crane scales are equipped with high-quality load cells that provide precise and accurate measurements, ensuring that you get the correct weight of the object being weighed.
3. Versatile: Portable crane scales can be used to weigh a wide range of objects, from small items to large and heavy machinery or equipment.
4. Easy to use: Portable crane scales are simple and easy to use, with digital displays that make it easy to read and record the weight.
5. Time-saving: With a portable crane scale, you can quickly and easily weigh objects without having to transport them to a separate weighing location, which saves time and improves productivity.
6. Cost-effective: Portable crane scales are a cost-effective alternative to larger, more expensive weighing systems, making them ideal for small to medium-sized businesses or for personal use.
Overall, the advantages of portable crane scales make them an essential tool for many businesses that need to weigh objects accurately and efficiently.

Features of Portable Crane Scale

Portable crane scales come in various models with different features, but some common features of portable crane scales include:
1. Load capacity: Portable crane scales come with different load capacities, ranging from a few pounds to several tons, to accommodate a wide range of objects and applications.
2. Accuracy: Portable crane scales are designed to provide accurate and precise measurements, with most models having a resolution of at least 0.1% of the load capacity.
3. Digital display: Portable crane scales come with a digital display that shows the weight of the object being weighed, making it easy to read and record the weight.
4. Tare function: The tare function allows the user to weigh the object without including the weight of the sling or any other attachments, ensuring that only the weight of the object is measured.
5. Overload protection: Portable crane scales are equipped with overload protection to prevent damage to the load cell and other components in case of overload.
6. Power options: Portable crane scales can be powered by rechargeable batteries or AC power, providing flexibility in terms of power source.
7. Wireless connectivity: Some models of portable crane scales come with wireless connectivity, allowing the weight data to be transmitted to a computer or mobile device for analysis and record-keeping.
Overall, the features of portable crane scales make them a convenient and reliable tool for weighing objects in various applications.